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    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur compound that has been found to occur naturally in the human body and in milk, fish, green vegetables and various grains. It is usually sold as a dietary supplement. The extract generally comes in the form of a white crystalline powder that can be dissolved in water.

    About 34% of MSM is made up of sulfur, which is found in all the main structures of the body and is needed in some way by all of them. Though MSM can be found in the diet, it is often destroyed during the production sequence that goes into processed foods. Dehydrate foods also lose their MSM content. This is unfortunate, as MSM is a large supplier of raw materials that the body needs in order to function correctly.


    This MSM is considered pharmaceutical grade and has no fillers of any kind present in its chemical makeup.

    MSM may help with:

    • Improving skin health and complexion. MSM is necessary for collagen production
    • Improving flexibility
    • Detoxifying the body
    • Strengthening hair and nails
    • Accelerating healing
    • Naturally increasing energy levels



    MSM ranks among the lowest on the list of toxic chemicals. While very rare, MSM may cause the blood to thin. Those taking blood thinners may wish to consult with a doctor before taking this supplement. Taking this supplement might also cause increased growth of hair and nails.


    This product is known for having a bitter taste to it, but not so bitter as to be intolerable. It dissolves very easily in water and can be mixed in either water or citrus juices. This product should be stored in an area that is free from light, heat, and moisture.


    Due to varying import regulations, not all of our supplements are available to international customers. This product is restricted for sale in the following countries:


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